Operation: Mechagon Dungeon

Operation: Mechagon Dungeon

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We will carry/boost you through the Operation: Mechagon Mega Dungeon and trade any loot possible. This rewards 415 loot as well as azerite, mounts, achievements and most importantly the Vision of Perfection essence from the final boss which is a great essence for most classes!

Reminder: Piloted means that we play your character. Self Played means that you play.

  • Operation: Mechagon Clear – We will carry you through the new Mega Dungeon “Operation: Mechagon” giving you a chance at 415 loot from each boss, the Mechagon Peacekeeper mount and the Vision of Perfection essence. Self Played.
  • Operation: Mechagon Hardmode – We will carry you through the new Mega Dungeon “Operation: Mechagon” on hardmode difficulty. You will have a 20% chance at the Aerial Unit R-21/X mount and will have a chance to loot 430 gear including azerite! Self Played
  • Operation: Mechagon Hertz Locker Achievement – We will carry you through “Operation: Mechagon” on hardmode difficulty with zero deaths. This will reward you with the Hertz Locker achievement giving you access to Rank 4 Vision of Perfection Essence.

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